ACOG’s New Labor Guidelines Support ICAN’s Mission

Healthy Mama & Baby

New, Breakthrough Guidelines Pave Way for Safer Labor and Birth

Release Highlights:

  • New study shows that labor takes longer than previously believed, and it is safer in most cases for a woman to labor longer than for providers to push for cesarean birth.
  • The emphasis throughout the report is on patience during labor, which is critical for the success of a vaginal birth.
  • Providers should be better trained—and maintain their knowledge and education—in the practice of operative vaginal delivery methods (including forceps and vacuum delivery).
  • The presence of labor support personnel, such as a doula, significantly reduces the incidence of cesarean.
  • These new guidelines support what ICAN has been advocating for all along: safer, healthy, natural birth experiences for women, and a reduction of the incidence of cesarean birth.


Find the original ICAN post about the new guidelines here:



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